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We work on projects that unite, educate, and support #EmailGeeks around the globe.

Let's Authenticate the World

Spread awareness and bust email mythconceptions

Authentication is the first thing a business or brand should do before sending any emails as it is a key component in deliverability and domain reputation. In order to spread awareness about the true complexity behind email, Yanna-Torry started this movement in order to connect businesses and brands with knowledgeable email geeks who want to spread their passion for email around the world.

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NextGen Email / Email Under 30

Community of starters in the email industry

New to the world of email and looking to connect with peers? Join this community and get to know people just like you.

It doesn’t matter if you just arrived in this amazing new world and have a million questions or if you are looking for advice to help you grow in your current role.

So let’s do this together! We are the next generation of email professionals!

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Tom Blijleven

Simplifying Tech through Content

Tom is a B2B marketer currently employed with Flowmailer, where he finds himself simplifying the technical nature of the product for fellow marketers to understand.

Working in the transactional email / email deliverability field allows him to bridge the gap between email marketing and email infrastructure, both vital in the customer journey.

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Yanna-Torry Aspraki

Saving the world one email at a time™

Yanna-Torry is a Canadian email and deliverability specialist currently based in the Netherlands. In 2020, Litmus gave her their first-ever Coach Award for her work serving the email community.

Visit her website, get some email swag or connect with her on LinkedIn. But beware. She loves discussing email & deliverability passionately… and endlessly.

#emailGeek #teamSlytherin #poutineExpert

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as a matter of fact

In our 'as a matter of fact' podcast, we tell you everything we know about the world of email. It's a wonderful world, trust us. Soak up our stories about how email works, our beloved email communities, events that changed our careers and still do and the things we would do for people to stop asking us to fix their computer.